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Looking back at the PMU’s vision since its establishment ten years ago, I see that it is an opportunity to ponder over the vision and where the PMU stands today with regards to that vision. It is also time to ponder the milestones achieved and the goals still a head.

Thanks to the EC support with which we have made measurable strides in better management of the water resources through proper monitoring, auditing and Private Sector involvement,but there is still more to do. We have managed to establish new directorates with new vision and mission that concentrates at the level of services and strength of the water utilities. We have moved from contracting and project monitoring into an institutionalized entity that facilitates private sector involvement in providing services and to also having the capability to conduct our own initiatives in monitoring and auditing existing utilities and preparing for others. We have contributed to corporatizing two water utilities and succeeded in putting wide spectrum of private participation in Madaba, North Governorates and As-Samra Plant.

The PMU has become a Center of Excellence with regards to private sector participation, monitoring and auditing water and wastewater services provision in the Kingdom. We have built the foundation for a base of expertise where private involvement was once a remote concept. But the present remains the image of the past, and it’s the future that we should plan for and update our vision to fall in place with occurring trends and to chart the path for the objectives that we aspire to achieve.

The new website does indeed have a new image and so does the PMU as it enters its second decade of existence. We vowed to approach the next decade with new vitality to not only give the PMU an impetus to move forward but also to confirm, to those that once had doubts, that the PMU is here to stay. Our objectives, mission and vision remain noble: a national institution that is truly national; an icon for cooperation with a belief that peoples interests and water resources are properly, wisely and effectively managed, used and preserved.

The PMU will move further steps forward to be a platform to disseminate knowhow, knowledge, and experience related to monitoring, auditing, private sector participation and regulation to other institutions within the water sector and any other service providers in the country, and finally a voice of conscience calling for proper incorporation of integrated management of water resources while mitigating any negative impacts on the environment.

I record this direction for the PMU, in its second decade, to be implemented by myself and by whoever would succeed me in directing the PMU. I am honored to have the full support of the EC and the PMU Executive Management Board, the relentless dedication of my staff, and the ever increasing enthusiasm of the growing circle of the PMU supporters.

PMU / Al-Meyyah project Acting Director

Eng. Iyad Dhayat